Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ice Cold

 photo fashionfade_zpsa97963d0.jpg  photo fashionfaderare_zps69ae7fc5.jpg  photo IMG_4546copy_zps5d6d408d.jpg  photo IMG_4524copy_zpse41d8614.jpg (Leather jacket topshop, dress rare, belt Warehouse, necklace Zara)

She had glitter in her eyes and ice in her heart.

This is a forgotten details post that I shot a few months back when the weather was grey, so I thought I'd share it with you before the weather gets warmer and all I want to do is post summery things.
the dress was sent to me at Christmas by the guys at Rare and I wore it to my Christmas party with massive black clompy shoes and dark red lips. I love the way that it makes you look like an ice queen in Winter but will probably look a whole new level of dreamy on a beach in Summer.

In other news... I really need to blog more. I think that in a strange turn of events, after promising to blog more, I've actually started doing it less! But I've had a pretty mental month and lots of things that were all up in the air are now changing for the better and I can get on with blogging and other lovely things.

I'm also going to Budapest at the end of April so if anyone has any lovely tips/ suggestions of what to do and where to stay that would be amazing and I will love you forever!

Lots of Love



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