Wednesday, 11 January 2012




( Shirt H&M, studs ebay)

Continuing with my insane , undying love for ebay (I need to remember, that although receiving parcels is really fun and exciting, they are in fact not presents and I have to pay for them myself) I decided to buy these little silver spike studs. So yeah... I've spent my night studding everything I possibly can, including this shirt which I got in the h&m sale for just £5!! They're amazing easy to apply, I simply snipped the fabric with fabric scissors and screwed on the studs. Simply an amazing DIY that probably cost me ten pounds in total and I still have enough studs to pretty much cover everything in sight. Good times. Sorry I didnt get round to posting the video last week but it's been a bit mental, so it will definitely be coming soon. xo p.s .... I just hit 700 followers , I love you guys so much I could cry! Thank you

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